R is for Rizal

Named after our national hero, this province was the 31st I visited. I had a few memories of the Cainta and Pasig which I visited back in the mid-1990s. So very few that I felt the need to revisit the province to get to know more about its past and to understand how it has evolved into its present state.


The 1901 Rizal Marker

I first visited Rizal when I was in college. Having spent some years in Quezon City, I made a few weekend trips to Cainta and Pasig (which at that time, was still part of Rizal). When I got the job in Cavite, my friends and I made spontaneous quick drive up to Padi’s Point in Antipolo to watch the Metro Manila skyline and the vast display of lights after sundown. I also joined a school group tour and visited museums in Angono.

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