La Isla Fortuna de Batangas (Fortune Island)

It is quite a challenge to explain how this island got its name, considering that what remains to feed the traveler’s eyes here are the misfortune of a resort who folded up, and the feel of an eerie past that spelled loneliness and bad luck.


Acropolis at Fortune Island

Fortune Island lies about 14 km off the coast of Nasugbu, Batangas. It is an island surrounded by reefs, shipwrecks and points offering varied views of the island, the sea and the horizon. It used to be an exclusive island resort, when the former Batangas governor (Antonio Leviste) acquired it from Laurentina Pestano. The Fortune Island Resort Club was opened in 1995 which featured a museum dedicated to the San Diego, which was a sunken Spanish warship, found near the island.

There were controversies that hounded the resort because it sat in an area which was classified as a marine reserve. The area of the island did not also meet the requirement under the Revised Forestry Code, thus the subdivision of Fortune Island into 7 various parts and selling it to the present owners, did not conform to the code and was deemed entirely wrong.

As to what happened to resort that led to its demise, I could not say much about it except that now, the island is managed by a Korean company.

How to get there?

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