My Taiwan Chronicles – Day 5

Colors from the Walls

A day before I left Taiwan, I decided to explore some artwork in Taipei. Colors spread on walls often trigger my own eyes to marvel and appreciate the modern, non-traditional form of art. In some small streets within Taipei, the graffiti art screams like visual explosions, showing visitors and locals that this art movement thrives to add color to the community.

Such colorful display can be seen around the Wanhua District near Taipei Cinema Park. To get to the park by MRT, get off at Ximen Station, turn right for Hanzhong Street, then left for Emei Street. Hanzhong transforms at night as Ximen Night Market. At Emei Street, walk a few blocks to reach the corner of Kangding Road where the Taipei Cinema Park is located.

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My Taiwan Chronicles – Day 4

Panda, Beitou and Tamsui

It’s weekend in Taipei. Time to see my favorite animal on earth, the Giant Panda. Taipei Zoo has a pair of Giant Pandas as a permanent exhibition. Said to be one of the largest zoos in Asia, Taipei Zoo in its second and current location provides extensive display of animals, the most popular are the Giant Pandas.

My visit to Taipei Zoo was specifically for these black-and-white creatures.


Taipei Zoo received two Giant Pandas in 2008. The two pandas were named Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan as a gesture of unity. It caused quite a stir 3 years prior as many Taiwanese disagreed on the gesture itself. But with the acceptance from the Taiwanese president of the endangered animals, it has made Taipei Zoo even more popular.

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