Tagbilat Falls of Titay

Moments after sunrise, I found myself in a multi-cab (public utility jeepney) heading north to the town of Titay. This town is about 16kms north of Ipil where it has in its interior barangay, a gem which could awaken this otherwise sleepy town to tourists and visitors. This gem is the beautiful curtain-type cascades known to a few as Tagbilat Falls.

Yes, you heard it right. The falls has an awkward name that makes everyone wonder why it was named as such. Yet it can be assured that its natural beauty makes you forget its name. The falls is located in the interior barangay of Malagandis.

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My Luang Prabang Chronicles – Day 2

Second day of Luang Prabang visit revolved around the element of water.

Prior to our trip, we already arranged a tour with Klook for the visit to Pak Ou Caves, then to a wine-making village and finally, to the popular Kuang Si Falls.

Call time was 8am and we were fetched by a van. We were brought to Khem Khong Street which is behind the Royal Palace Museum. A few steps down to the banks of the Mekong, a long boat was waiting for us. It’s a traditional long boat that could probably sit around 30 people. When we got to the boat, we realized that we were the only passengers on that day. Our guide had instructed the boatman to head for the Pak Ou Caves.

Mekong River, the lifeline of Indochina.


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Asik-Asik Falls of Alamada


A beauty in a form of water streaming out and down from lush green cliff walls joining the meandering Alamada River in the highlands of Cotabato – a simple description of a hidden gem in the town of Alamada, at the foot of the Blue Mountain that is Mt. Ragang or Mount Piapayungan to some. Asik-asik Falls, the pride of Cotabato, is a unique and beautiful curtain waterfalls tucked in a rift formed by the Alamada River.

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Escape to Coron

A five-letter paradise in the Calamianes Group of Islands, northeast of Palawan, Coron is a beautiful island cluster at the eastern half of Busuanga. Its breathtaking landscape and seascape is included in the natural category tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Coron is now heavily dependent on tourism and fishing. The archipelago is blessed with amazing islands, white sand beaches and dive sites. It has several established tour companies for visitors, providing ease in choosing which tour package to get. They offer almost the same tour package but the prices are not uniform. Coron can also be explored by DIY-style.

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Kalanggaman Island and Sand Bar


Sunrise at Cordova, Cebu

The sun was already up as we waited for the boat to arrive at the RORO (roll-on roll-off) port in Cordova, Cebu. It would be the boat’s maiden voyage from Cebu to Palompon’s Kalanggaman Island. We booked ourselves for this epic trip. Epic may not be the correct word to describe our journey (it was more of a disappointment actually) but in the course of telling you about my Kalanggaman experience, I rather not include the story of how the boat’s maiden voyage consumed most of that one fine Sunday of April 2016.


Epic journey with this boat

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Dahican Beach – the Gem of Mati

After visiting Cateel’s Aliwagwag Falls, a good suggestion is to go down to the capital city of Mati in Davao Oriental, taking the national highway thru the towns of Baganga, Caraga and Tarragona.

There is an early bus trip from Cateel to Mati, once a day, at 5am. It may be too early to some travellers, so the next best option is to take the van at 11:30am. The trip would take about 3 hours.

Manong Biboy and Jesus take the Wheel brought us to the integrated bus terminal so we could get on the van and choose the best seats. We prefer the first row behind the driver’s seat because of bigger leg room plus there’s enough space to put our backpacks in front of us.


At the integrated bus and van terminal of Cateel

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A Walk to Lakawon Island

Imagine yourself lying down at the edge of an anchored boat with the sun above your head, drinking your complimentary drink as you set your eyes on the white sandy shores of Lakawon Island. The cool music being played sets a relaxing tone on board the Tawhai boat as you let the time pass you by.


It is a pure easing moment. This is what to expect in Lakawon Island Resort and Spa – an exciting new travel destination north of Bacolod City. It is a lovely island with white sand beach, blue waters, a long boardwalk and a huge floating bar anchored just a few hundred meters from its shore.

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Manjuyod Sandbar: The Shallows

Off the coast of Negros Oriental, some 67 kilometers north of Dumaguete City, there is an amazing natural beauty that is constantly drawing visitors and sandbar chasers all throughout the year. Most people call these shallow parts of Manjuyod as the Maldives of the Philippines. The Shallows on a low tide, unveil an area of white sand, more like a naked island in the middle of Tañon Strait.

It is an emerging tourist destination in this part of Negros Island. Tour operators generally offer a side trip to the Manjuyod Sandbar in their Bais dolphin-watching package. The Shallows are nearer to Bais City than the town proper of Manjuyod.


Cottage on shallow waters

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Islas de Gigantes: Cabugao Gamay (Antonia Island)

I will never forget this cluster of islands in the northeastern corner of Panay. It was by far, the most thrilling journey that I got myself into. To say that it was scary or ‘buhis-buhay’ is an understatement. Never mind that one of our companions in this trip to the Islas de Gigantes almost peed in her pants in sheer fright and excitement as we crossed the super rough seas on a rainy Friday afternoon.

Islas de Gigantes. Beautiful group of islands off the coast of Carles, Iloilo.

How to get there?

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Aliwagwag Falls

It came out as a big surprise for me when I met Aliwagwag Falls for the very first time. It was one fine morning of November 2016 when we ventured westward from the poblacion on board a tricycle (local tuktuk) with markings of Jesus Take The Wheel only that it was driven by Mang Biboy, the husband of the caretaker of OAR Inn.


Mang Biboy and his tricycle (tuktuk)

It was not that sunny a Saturday when we headed towards Aliwagwag. The sky was overcast. It rained the previous night, a welcome thought that perhaps, Aliwagwag Falls would have huge volume of water flow just like what we saw in Tinuy-an.

The ride took us almost an hour. To reach the falls, you have to take the Compostela-Cateel road. If heading to Compostela Valley, Aliwagwag is at the right side and can be viewed from the bridge.

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