Batanes Group of Islands

This northernmost group of islands of The Philippines. Batanes is a traveller’s dream destination. It is a beautiful place, eager for tourists’ attention. The 3 big islands are inhabited and can be visited for the most part of the year unless there is a weather disturbance or less calm seas that would prompt the coast guard to disallow falowa trips.

Plan this trip months and months before your travel dates. Batanes is roughly 661km north of Manila or 162km north of Luzon. Batanes is often visited by typhoon since it is located on a typhoon belt. Although it has a tropical rainforest climate, the province receives plenty of rain throughout the year. The month of August is the wettest while April is the driest month. The coldest months are from December to February while the hottest months are from April to October.

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B is for Batanes

BATANES. It is high up there, the farthest from the equator among the islands that form the Philippine archipelago. Batanes is the country’s northernmost island group and is one of the many destinations that most of us dream of visiting at least once in our lifetime. The Batanes island group may be considered remote and less accessible compared to other places in the country but its natural beauty more than compensates its distance from the capital.

Travellers can visit the three big islands of Batanes: Batan, Sabtang and Itbayat. Of the three, Itbayat is the largest but is less visited. The provincial capital, Basco is on Batan Island where most of the hotels and travel lodges are located. Travel tour operators and guides are mostly based in Basco. There are commercial flights to Basco from Manila and Tuguegarao (Cagayan).

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