Cebu’s Old District of Pari-an

One of the many things that you could do on your own in the Queen City of the South is to visit museums. The city has several museums found within the old district, many of which were old heritage houses converted into museums and are relatively near to each other. The city’s old district is located near Fort San Pedro, the city hall, the oldest street (Colon) as well as the cathedral and the minor basilica. Museum hopping can be done for a few hours.

Every last Friday of May, Cebu City organizes Gabii sa Kabilin or Night of Heritage. This coincides with the celebration of the Philippine Heritage Month and the International Museum Day. Tourists and the public as a whole, get to visit museums and heritage sites and appreciate the cultural and historical pieces and exhibits that describe Cebu.

Visitors can get to visit the museum whole-year round. You can do your own version of the Gabii sa Kabilin. We call it the Heritage Walk. Here is my recommendation.

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