Wander, Explore and Live to Tell Tales of Travel

They said that the world is a stage. That it’s for everyone to see. I say, the world is a door for everyone to open and come through. For most of us, that door is closed for most of our lives. Circumstances, time and resources may be the factors for not trying to turn the knob and open it.

But for some of us who have the tiniest bit of curiosity in ourselves, we dare to open the door and try to know what is on the other side. Such thrill of possibly knowing something new and different, of experiencing an event for the first time, of seeing a place or something which we may have only read in books or heard from our friends, can only be felt should we really dare to open the door.

And for those who have wandered and explored the stage, that is the world, sharing and telling about your travels to others is a great and meaningful experience as well (post from a previous idle blog).

We’re Off To Wanderland. Enjoy the ride!

There’s Oppie, sitting on top of my 2016 planner and a pile of journals I recently claimed from Coffee Bean. Sandwiched is my worn-out yet reliable 10th edition Lonely Planet travel guide book on the Philippines which I have been using since 2009. A globe at one side and a couple of pandas – ref magnet, keychain-stuffed toy and paper weight, these can easily reveal my love for pandas and travel.

The love for travel and going to a lot of places may have started with my interest on geography. Back when I was young, I often spend much time at a bibliothéque for atlases, maps, geography books and NatGeo mags. I was fascinated on pictures of people and places, of villages and cities, on houses and buildings, of mountains and seas. I was interested as well on amazing creatures big or small and of festivals and holidays.

I carried that certain love for travel now. The LP guide book definitely gave me that drive to explore the world, starting with my very own country.

The Philippines, being an archipelago, provides a lot of opportunities for us to travel and learn. Most of us may have similar chances to go on a trip to a popular beach or to witness a festival and so on, but no two travel experiences are ever the same. Every traveler has a unique journey. Every traveler has unique stories to tell.

And so I’ll wander. There’s so many places to be in. Several places I’d rather go. So many adventures I wanted to try. To wander is to take on a specific journey and to focus on reaching a certain destination. Not all those who wander are lost, said J.R.R. Tolkien but I say that some of us who wander, would rather get lost in the moment to breathe and appreciate what our eyes can see and what our senses can feel in the travels we take.

To me, the world is a wanderland. So let me tell you more about it.