A is for Antique: The Land where the Mountains Meet the Sea

The province bordered by Aklan, Capiz and Iloilo provinces and facing Sulu Sea, Antique, the seahorse shaped province in the island of Panay is a treasure trove of wonders and a chest full of interesting places biding its time to be uncovered and be visited for its natural beauty.

Antique is one of the few provinces in the Visayas that I have yet to visit. Several accounts have mentioned the province to be a host of a lot of options for adventure and eco-cultural tours. Comparing to its neighboring provinces like Aklan which is frequently visited because it’s a gateway to Boracay, and Iloilo which is rich in history and was once an economic center during the Spanish era, Antique was like sleeping through the course of time.

The origin of the province’s name did not come from the adjective itself. Before the Spaniards came, the place was called Hantik which refers to the black ants found in the island. When it was recorded, the colonizers pronounced it without the letter H, yet it was written as antique. The locals then began to say their province name as antique (än-ti-ké).

This year, I decided to step foot in the province dubbed as the land where the mountains meet the sea.

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