Cebu City: A queenly charm

Let’s get acquainted with the Queen.

She sits in the middle of the Visayas island cluster, showcasing the stellar development of a once simple settlement founded in 1565 by the Spanish conquistadores to its present aura of urbane but modern glow. She is the Queen City of the South, deeply rooted to its Spanish and religious past. She is a cultural city adorned with several museums, churches and historical sites. She is Sugbo.


Cebu City Hall

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Temple of Leah

To some extent, The Temple of Leah is like the Taj Mahal of Agra or The Ruins in Talisay. It was built and made as a symbol of undying love for a woman.


This Greco-Roman styled structure on a hill in Busay overlooking the vastness of Metropolitan Cebu, is an imposing temple that attracted a huge throng of visitors from the time it was being built (2011 A.D.) up to the present. It is a work in progress, already into its 5th year of construction.It is said to function as a museum and as an art gallery.

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